Hi everybody, Duffy here.

I’ve launched a new blog for my game Alter Arms that I will be updating with playtest feedback, rules, and lore posts.

This new game is based around transforming super heroes, with players’ characters growing in power as they take on new and diverse forms!

You can check it out at Let me know what you think!

Alter Arms Playtest at MAGFest 2018


Hi all!

While Gigargun has been on hiatus, I’ve been working on a new game – Alter Arms!

Much like how Gigargun is based on giant creature media, Alter Arms is based on transforming superheroes often seen in Japanese shows like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, The Guyver and Sailor Moon.

I was lucky enough to get to test out the game at MAGFest this recent weekend, and wrote about the experience – along with the feedback I got. Check it out HERE!

I’ll be updating once I have more news on projects I’m working on.


Hi all, Duffy here.

I am afraid I have some bad news; due to current situations in life, Chris and I cannot continue to work on Gigargun at this time.

It’s been a wonderful experience talking with all of you both online and in person at conventions, and I appreciate the passion you’ve showed us for the game.

I will be working on other games in the future and will be sure to post links to them here.

We hope to continue to work on Gigargun in the future.

Thank you all for your passion and feedback!

November Update

Hi everybody, Duffy here!

Chris and I are still working on the post for Slingshot, a kaiju-phobic group that seeks to destroy all monsters, and we hope to get that to you next month.

I attended Metatopia earlier this month and got some great feedback on Gigargun, as well as some other projects I’m working on.

I also had the opportunity to play some cool games that are also in production. Games included the horror movie-themed Horrorshow by Dark Hills Gaming and presented by Joseph Pettine. The role playing game had players take on the roles of horror film archetypes like demons, vampires, ghosts, aliens and slashers as we navigated a world where the plot lines of your favorite scary movies are a frequent occurrence.

Another cool game I tried out was Kratophagia by Ardens Ludere.  This game had players take on the role of pitiful mutants in a post-human Earth that has been desolated by natural and otherworldly disasters. This game was Powered by The Apocalypse, and had all of our moves based on the physical aspects of our character. A neat mechanic was that, when certain conditions were met, we could draw from a deck of cards and our character would gain a new and bizarre mutation that could change the way we played the game.

I also got a chance to check out my first live action role play (LARP). Bright Story by Phoenix Outlaw Productions and presented by Josh Harrison, was in early stages when I checked it out, but provided an interesting hook. The game is based off of the feel-good vibes of recent animated shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and Adventure Time. It’s meant to be a game that entire families can take part in at get-togethers  like camping trips about once a month. An interesting aspect of the game is that conflicts can be resolved outside of combat, and communicating with antagonists to resolve issues is encouraged.

I was also lucky enough to meet Jeff Stormer of the Party of One Podcast (Jeff and a guest play RPGs); Colin Kyle, who created the interesting Axon Punk cyberpunk RPG with his brother Cameron; Eric Simon, lead developer of Four-in-Hand Games who made Steamscapes and tried out his new game Rockalypse; Neal Stidham of Parenthesis Press; and Amanda Gallagher, a wonderful artist.

It was great meeting all these folks and I can’t recommend checking out their stuff more.

Were you able to make it out to Metatopia? What games interested you?



Upcoming developments

Hi everybody, Duffy here. 
Just a quick update: we’re editing down the rules now and finishing the last faction article. The article for Slingshot should be up next month, and we’ll be updating with some art for a while after as we put the book together. 
If anyone is in New Jersey during the first week of November, I’ll be showing off Gigargun as well as some other RPGs I made at Metatopia 2016. Stop on by if you get a chance!

Quick Update

Hi everybody, Duffy here.
Just a quick update this month. Earlier, a demo I ran at Washingcon got photographed and tweeted by the official account, which I wanted to feature:

It was a great time!
In November, I’ll be heading up to New Jersey to show off Gigargun as well as some other games I’m working on at Metatopia. If you’re in the area, check it out!


Also,. be sure to check out our new Twitter account: @Gigargun_Game